Platform for robust PAN-EUROPEAN network analysis


Platform for robust PAN-EUROPEAN network analysis…

EUROPAN platform is a start-up project that belongs to Energoinfo Group – Scinet (Sustainability Center for Innovation and Networking) project portfolio. Main design and architecture are mainly already developed. Full development, of all necessary libraries, user interface and visualisation, followed by the integration and deployment depends on stakeholder involvement. Potential stakeholders: ENTSOE, DG ENER, EU4ENERGY, BSTP, EDSOs…

EUROPAN platform represents a robust, efficient, customizable and cost-effective starting-point solution which can be used for pan-European network investigations related to the power system and market operation simulations, short term planning, as well as for the infrastructure mid and long term development planning and project feasibility assessments.


EUROPAN development surrounding

EUROPAN applications/libraries are under development using the most advanced Python programing techniques combined with the Python friendly user interface and visualization environment. This, unified approach and usage of the scientific friendly programming language such as Python, will bring huge possibilities related to the modularity, customisation, future upgrades and ease of use to the overall EUROPAN platform.

EUROPAN platform will be built as a desktop application with the possibility to be upgraded into the web based application in the future.

EUROPAN platform is product of experts who were part of the team working on OpenTSPOT application under SEETSOC project (on the provided link you can find all necessary information on the Open Transmission System Planning and Operation Tool, videos, user manuals…).

EUROPAN modular structure

EUROPAN will be developed as modular application containing three, modular, layers (Fig. 3):

Fig. 3 – Three layered modular structure of EUROPAN

  1. Business logic layer – with the build-in algorithms for:
  • LF-DC based calculator,
  • LF fast decoupled based calculator,
  • Contingency calculator,
  • NTC calculator,
  • Losses calculator,
  • Statistics engine.
  1. Data & View Management Layer – responsible for the data management tasks, input/output viewing, data base connection and data base control, focusing on the market and network data coupling and preparation of the round year calculations.
  2. Advanced Visualization Layer – with the advanced presentation of the calculation results on the interactive map surrounding…


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