EUROPAN – pan European deep modelling framework for improved system operation forecasting, planning and analysis, on the inter TSO level.

Robust PAN-EUROPEAN deep-modelled, high resolution (deep into network, up to 500m resolution for the points of interest) power system forecasting and analysis focused solely on improving the network flexibility and providing more accurate cross border services.

EUROPAN deep modeling framework offers advanced power system analysis/forecast using pan-European network model coupled with production/consumption simulator with improved forecasting capabilities focused on the exact Prosumer location and its parameters, being flexible enough so as to adjust these forecasts to possible changes of RES entities’ groups, especially taking into account its participation in the wholesale day-ahead electricity market.

EUROPAN platform represents a robust, efficient, customizable and cost-effective solution which could be used for pan-European network investigations related to the power system and market operation simulations, power to gas coupling analysis, power system short term planning and analysis, as well as for the infrastructure mid and long term development planning and project feasibility assessments. EUROPAN application/library will be using the most advanced Python programing techniques combined with the Python friendly user interface and visualization environment. This, unified approach and usage of the scientific friendly programming language such as Python, will bring huge possibilities related to the modularity, customization, future upgrades and ease of use to the overall EUROPAN platform. Potential stakeholders are as follows: RSCs, TSOs, DSOs, ENTSOE, ENTSOG, DG ENER, EU4ENERGY, BSTP, EDSO, Energy Community Secretariat.

Improved weather forecasting features will influence the following elements of the power system/electricity market:

  1. Forecasting Volatile Generation (wind, hydro and solar),
  2. Forecasting distributed generators on a MicroGrid level,
  3. Load forecast,
  4. OHLs (Grid condition) forecasting,
  5. Bulk energy forecast of any defined geographical region, and
  6. Bulk energy forecast of any customised aggregation level (not necessarily geographically or physically connected).

EUROPAN platform, as an idea is a product of a same expert who was part of the team working on OpenTSPOT application under SEETSOC project (on the provided link you can find all necessary information on the Open Transmission System Planning and Operation Tool, videos, user manuals…).


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