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On-line Energy Governance Academy setup covers energy related training, for students, young experts, and experienced professionals.


Energy Learning Community

New Social network for learning, improving skills and training through individual and group courses, covering energy technology, concept, regulatory and legal issues. Welcome to the future!!!


Mikroenergetika - R&D

Sustainability Center for Innovation and Networking, dealing with the networking, research and development of new energy and other human technologies, including investigation and application of the torsion fields and Tesla Scalar waves.



Smart gardening in the urban, small space, areas with the usage of new environmental friendly Smart technologies...SciNet unites all mentioned technologies and deals with further research, development and implementation of the self-sustainable microflora systems, with the goal of achieving micro level self-sustainability…Regeneration of knowledge which our ancestors knew very well!!!


Energy Security & Analysis

Site analysis, micro and macro energy forecasts, techno-economical analysis & feasibility studies, monitoring. Micro-grid and residential solutions for solar, wind and other human friendly technologies.



The first fully Geo-referenced energy industry web portal. News and author's articles from our expert associates around the region of SEE and Black sea. Mikroenergetika web portal is there to cover micro level sustainability and new smart technologies employment.

Who we are

Energoinfo Group - SciNet is a software engineering and consultancy start-up Company, based in Serbia and focused on education, research, development and deployment of apps and new, IoT based, approaches in the field of micro and macro level sustainability related to the energy and environmental, human friendly technologies. Energoinfo Group – SciNet activities are also focused on promotion, support and active participation in education, internet publication, organization of public debates, discussions, online courses, workshops, small schools for kids and research workshops for experts... 

 Our Mission 

Our mission and primary goals are reflected in environmental and human ambient protection, popularization and development of science and inventiveness, incitement of creativity, wisdom and humanity, and support for development of energy and other human technologies which will ensure micro and macro level self-sustainability.

Software Engineering

Our experts are confident that any your need will be covered. Priding ourselves in a wide range of energy related software solutions, as well as in advanced education and networking setups.

Our Portfolio

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What They Have Said

Read quotations from some of the smartest people who ever lived.

  • “Development and wealth of a city, the success of a nation, the progress of the whole human race, are all determined by the available energy.”

    @Nikola Tesla, (1856-1943)
  • “Nothing makes a man so happy as his honest belief that he did all he could by investing in his work his best ability.”

    @Mihajlo Pupin, (1858-1935)

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